Investment and Business Promotion

In cooperation with financial institutions and private investors, the centre implements activities directed to mitigate financial barriers for investments in small, medium and large-scale renewable energy and energy efficiency projects and businesses in the CARICOM region.

Particularly, the centre will implement the following investment promotion activities:

  • Establish a user-friendly investment portal on the SIDS DOCK project pipeline for potential investors and financiers (to be published through the information system)
  • Organize annual investment and business forums (e.g. trade fare) to present the project pipeline to interested financiers and investors
  • Raise funding for the execution of the project pipeline and support the development of innovative projects addressing the energy needs of industrial key sectors in the Caribbean
  • Design and establish regional support schemes to support national institutions/banks to provide co-finance to small to medium scale projects (incl. rural off-grid projects)

Particularly, the centre will implement the following business promotion activities:

  • Undertake a baseline assessment and develop a strategy for the promotion of local sustainable energy industry and jobs
  • Design and operate a financing facility to support innovative local sustainable energy businesses and start-ups execute calls for proposals
  • Develop and execute a clean-tech program to promote RE&EE business innovations (including prize competition for the most innovative business idea)
  • Collect lessons learned and develop a manual for sustainable energy start-up companies